Auction to Benefit DFAC

Auction to Benefit DFAC

Auction for DFAF Featuring the Works of Rose Eells

It was during vacations that Rose discovered the Dunedin Fine Art Center. Her affiliation with DFAC began in 1983, 34 years ago. She began taking watercolor classes with Shirley Talmidge and has stayed connected with the DFAC ever since.

At DFAC, she discovered a new talent and love for printmaking. Her internationally renowned instructor and mentor, Stephen Littlefield, has become a life-long friend. Rose has spent 23 years in Stephen Littlefield’s printmaking class.

Rose has never lost her love for watercolors, and over the last 10 years she discovered yet another way to express herself through Spin D’art, taught by Robert Sutherland at DFAC. Robert is another talented and passionate instructor who she also calls a good friend. You have to trust in the unknown with Spin D’art, and Rose enjoys the journey to see what emerges from the brush strokes of water color.

Join us as Rose celebrates nearly 35 years with DFAC by auctioning a portion of her work to benefit scholarships at the Dunedin Fine Art Center.

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Date(s) - Tuesday October 24, 2017

Dunedin Fine Art Center

Auction to Benefit DFAC