Painted Pedestrian Crosswalk – City of Largo

Painted Pedestrian Crosswalk – City of Largo


Description: Open to all local artists. The pedestrian crosswalk is located between the Largo Public Library and Central Park Performing Arts Center, on Central Park Drive. Largo is a family-friendly community. As such, the artwork should be realistic in style to appeal to all ages and demographics, and to stand as one of the first public art features in the community. A successful design should be timeless and not focused on fads, trends or time sensitive material.

The artwork must compliment the city brand and tagline of “Naturally”. Largo is a welcoming environment with a warm climate. Residents demonstrate strong community pride, and value green space and a leisurely lifestyle. The concept should consider including organic and natural elements (such as leaves, etc.).

This project should also incorporate the services that are adjacent to the cross walk. The Largo Public Library and Central Park Performing Arts Center flank the crosswalk, and are both located in Largo Central Park. The concept should include and/or represent elements of parks, education, literacy, music, and entertainment. The design should reflect a “library” theme on the east side, and a “performing arts” theme on the west side, with both elements enveloped in a park setting bringing them together. A design that enhances the directional signage to city services, and that may be expanded upon with additional public art projects, would be ideal.

Artwork should address the entire crosswalk from sidewalk-to-sidewalk. The project concept can and should flow up onto the sidewalks, and consider the center median area as the focal point of the project. Yellow ADA warning pads located on both sides of the crosswalks cannot be painted; however, the pads may be changed to brick red or black, at the City’s expense for labor and materials, to better blend with the concept.

One design will be selected from submitted entries. Artist selected will work with the North Pinellas Cultural Alliance for selected paint vendor. The artist should follow/consult the Scope of Work in order to properly execute the artwork according to the NPCA’s guidelines. Artist will receive $2,000 (1/3 upon selection, 1/3 to start, and 1/3 when completed). $2,000 to artist includes costs associated with paint, supplies, payment for artist’s work on crosswalk, etc.

The artist shall have a maximum of two weeks within which to complete the project, and shall provide an artists estimate of time necessary to complete their installation. Installation of the crosswalk art shall begin no sooner than Tuesday, July 10, 2018 and shall be completed no later than Friday, August 10, 2018.

To Apply:

  1. Complete Entry Form and submit drawing of your design idea
  2. Email both Entry Form and Drawing to: Mike Staffopoulus,
  3. Deadline Date for Entry is Friday, June 1, 2018
  4. Questions please email Mike Staffopoulus,