“State of the Arts” Specialty Plate

“State of the Arts” Specialty Plate

Help Support the Arts & North Pinellas Cultural Alliance!

The Florida Arts License Plate Program was created by the Legislature in 1994. Funds collected through the sale of these specialty plates are distributed to the counties where the plates are sold and are used to support arts organizations, programs, and activities within that county.

Counties receive money directly from the Department of Highway, Safety and Motor Vehicles. Each county must designate a recipient organization to administer funds that support arts activities within that county.

The North Pinellas Cultural Alliance receives funding from this program, as we were selected a recipient from the Creative Pinellas Returns Grant. We encourage all our supporters to show the love of the arts while supporting our mission and goals.

Where do I get one?
You can purchase an "State of the Arts" license plate at your local tag agency. Click Here for a list of all Pinellas County tag locations.

How much does it cost?
Please check with your local tag office, as prices will vary depending on your renewal. (Click Here for Pinellas locations)

Where does the money go?
A portion of each tag purchase is given back to Pinellas County for the Arts. Click Here for more information about the State of the Arts specialty plate.

Helpful Phone Numbers:
Driver License and Motor Vehicles Tag Locations Pinellas: 727-464-7777
Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles 1-850-617-2000
Specialty License Plate Office: 1-850-617-3870